Essilor Junior Lenses for Children

Essilor Junior lenses are made specifically for kids. Small eyes have different needs, so why should they be wearing adult lenses? They shouldn’t! Now there is a lens designed for the most precious of patients – Essilor Junior lenses.

Why Essilor Junior Lenses?

Essilor Junior lenses come in a 60 mm diameter size, much smaller than the 70 mm diameter of most adult lenses. This means that Essilor Junior lenses are optimized according to what children’s needs and prescription calls for – in just their size. These smaller lenses only fit in children’s frames because they are made only for kids.

And, because they are made for kids and their needs, Essilor Junior lenses come systematic with a superior anti-reflective coating that is easy-to-clean. The coating also resists scratches and smudges as well as minimizing glare that can affect children’s eyesight. Essilor Junior lenses are made of tough, durable and safe polycarbonate, which is impact-resistant.

They are safe too! Keep this in mind as you do your consider Essilor Junior Lenses:

  • UV rays can hit even the smallest target
  • Children receive up to 80% of their lifetime UV exposure by the age of 20
  • Essilor Junior Transitions lenses block 100% UVA/UVB rays

Essilor Junior Transitions Lenses

Essilor Junior Transitions lenses are clear indoors like regular lenses and at night they quickly adjust to light conditions to give the appropriate level of darkness. This helps your kids stay comfortable indoors and out.

Good vision is a learning tool!

25% of children have a vision problem that affects learning. Essilor Junior Transitions lenses help reduce glare, scratches and smudges so students see better and learn better. Of course, as parents, we don’t want anything to inhibit our kids’ ability to learn and excel.

As you shop for glasses for your children, I encourage you to consider Essilor Junior lenses.


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