Insurance FAQs

Understanding Your Vision and Medical Insurance

Who can I contact with specific questions about my insurance?

Understanding insurance coverage can be overwhelming and challenging to fully comprehend. Family Focused Eye Care’s billing department is here to help you as a patient with any concerns you have about coverage. You can reach us at (801) 302-3080. Ask for the billing department and they will be able to assist you.

Will my medical insurance cover some vision treatments or do I need to purchase vision insurance?

What many people do not realize is that by virtue of the medical nature of eye care, most eye exams are covered under their regular medical insurance, and that you do not need separate “vision insurance.”

What will my medical insurance cover versus my vision insurance?

There are two sides to your vision and eye care needs. The first portion is your medical eye care which covers testing, diagnosis and treatment of eye disease. The second portion is routine vision for those with healthy eyes. Medical and Vision insurances will determine what type of coverage will be used in your examination by diagnosis and further treatment if applicable. As a general rule, medical insurance pays for medical eye care and vision plans deal with routine vision, the exception being that some medical plans will pay for routine care.

I don't need glasses. Do I still need eye exams?

Understanding that there are two parts to every comprehensive eye examination may help you understand your Medical/ Vision insurance better. Many people have the perception that because they do not wear glasses or contacts, that their eyes are healthy and they do not need to been seen for eye examinations. Regular eye health examinations are critical to prevent vision degrading eye disease, which can be detected by the state of the art equipment we provide in our office. Because many eye diseases that affect your vision will have little or no symptoms until the problem has become severe and vision threatening, all eye exams have a medical portion performed. The second portion of the eye examination considered “routine” is to examine and prescribe, if necessary, eyewear or contact lenses to correct your vision beyond 20/20.

Why choose Family Focused Eye Care?

The goal and mission in our office, is to improve your quality of life to the greatest extent through preventative care, treating and managing all of your vision needs.

Family Focused Eye Care’s billing staff is always available to contact your insurance company before your appointment to clarify and check your benefits for you. We are here to help make your eye examination an experience of excellence.

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