What to Expect in Your Visit

At Family Focused Eye Care we will analyze two different aspects of your eye care needs.

1. Your current vision needs

This includes:

  • Optical Refraction: (focusing, eye teaming, distance, near correction, eye movement)
  • Check for any change in your current glasses and/or contact lens prescription
  • Ensure that your are comfortable visually at your workplace
  • Determine how to manage your vision needs while enjoying your hobbies.

This segment of the examination will help us address any concerns that you may be having the day of the visit.

2. Diagnostic Eye Health Tests

Perhaps more importantly, we will be testing the future of your vision, which will involve some diagnostic eye health tests.

We will do some optical evaluation of the eyeball itself, including all tissues from the eyelid to the optic nerve which connects to the brain. We will check for specific diseases or changes in eyes such as:

Upon the completion of these two sections Dr. Hulet will educate you on the findings from both sections of the examination.  He will then discuss with you his recommendations, and will prescribe the best option for your overall comfort and vision needs.

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